Becoming a Wellness Advocate

Interested in becoming a Wellness Advocate?

Do you have a passion for helping yourself or others using alternative approaches, maybe in a health or well-being business, or as a self educated person with a passion for this area?

Would you like to consider a business which dovetails into your existing business, and provides education, support and guidance, as well as additional income stream. Or build an income and business of your own, with an opportunity and business model designed to support you every step of the way?

How does it work?

Doterra is a direct selling company (also known as Multi Level marketing or MLM) which uses the knowledge of individuals to support and guide others in the benefits and uses of essential oils safely and effectively.

As a product based business, the emphasis is not on selling, it is on supporting and truly helping others, the reason I believe you are reading this.

I have only one rule, and that’s ‘your business, your rules.’ You will explore your own personal development journey without the pressure of sales targets or expectations, just the space to enjoy being part of a company which has an ethos of integrity and helping others at the centre of it’s being.

In return, your role as a wellness advocate will give you the opportunity to be supported by me, within a team setting, in the way which you feel best being supported.

You will be given the resources and education you need to empower you to build a business with Doterra as big as you choose, no pressure and no expectation.

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