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Did something during your birth or after not go to plan?

Do you feel that you had a difficult birth?

Do you feel like you should be walking on air after having your baby, instead you are feeling overwhelmed and anxious?

Are the thoughts flying round your head not the ones you expected and do they frighten you sometimes?

Are people reassuring you that ‘time will heal’ but you are not sure how much longer you can cope with these feelings?

If you can relate to any of the above then please, talk to me. I understand what is happening when you feel this way and what can be done to help and support you to move forward, feeling more positive, enjoy your baby and lose the feeling of that black cloud floating above your head which never quite goes away.

Support with a difficult birth, Marlow and the surrounding areas.

Call me on 07843 055587 or email me by clicking here to book your complimentary, no obligation consultation. This will help you understand why you are feeling and the support I can give you to transform these difficult feelings.

When I started having hypnotherapy sessions with Clare, I was still in the relatively early stages of grieving after the loss of my daughter, and I felt as though I was ‘only just keeping my head above water’. On days where everything went smoothly and according to plan I felt able to cope, but my resilience levels were so low it would take just the tiniest thing to tip me over the edge in to ‘not coping’. I was anxious about my future, and found it difficult to find the positives in life.

 I did not have any reservations about working with Clare, as I had worked with her for many months before and trust her completely. However, I was slightly apprehensive at my readiness to engage in a different type of therapy at the time, but I quickly learnt it was absolutely what I needed.

 I found the whole process very supportive and helpful for me. Clare was flexible with appointments, and we used my progress to plan when the best time for the next session would be, which made me feel like the focus was completely on me and how I was doing. Clare explained the science behind the work very clearly, which made it easier to understand what was going on in my brain when I felt at a low, and even when I started to feel better. I always enjoyed the relaxation very much, and could have happily stayed on Clare’s comfy chair all day!

 I don’t know if there is one single thing that I can say is my ‘best result’, as there were so many things that have changed for me through working with Clare. I suppose the main one is my resilience, as I now feel able to take (most) things in life in my stride, and they do not feel catastrophic. I feel positive about the future, and am more easily able to focus on the positive things in life. I also feel equipped with the tools to improve my situation if I feel like things are slipping back into being how they were. This is really empowering, as I always feel as though there is a solution to my problem.


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