Can I tell you a secret?

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I am going to come clean about who I really am, not the image I present to the world. Big stuff? Not really, but pretty big for me.

As well as being a mum of two gorgeous boys (yes they frustrate the hell out of me sometimes but I still l still love them to the moon and back), a wife to William who is without doubt the most laid back positive person I know. I am also a qualified social worker (who knew?), a reflexologist, hypnobirthing teacher and hypnotherapist.

I am also a lover of energy work, card readings and believe that the Universe and Spirit totally have our back in everyday life, law of attraction style.


I read oracle cards for people, I help others deal with the stuff which is coming up in their lives and I use my intuition and instinct to guide people and articulate what they are thinking and feeling to give meaning to their experiences while using my other ‘tools’ of reflexology and hypnosis.

My social work was the first part of that journey, supporting vulnerable children and adults who were struggling with life, mostly children who had disabilities and helping them get the care they needed to make their lives as beneficial as possible.

I trained as a reflexologist when my oldest son was 10 months old, when I was 3 dress sizes bigger than I planned to be after having a baby (who knew you couldn’t eat a packet of hobnobs every day whilst breast feeding) and knew that I needed to do more than be told how to help people and wasn’t given the resources and time to help them in the way I thought they needed to be helped.

I wanted to do more.

My reflexology opened up a new world of supporting people, a new world of giving people the opportunity the true benefits of relaxation and having some time out to heal themselves. It also helped me to lose weight by understanding about the rubbish I was putting into my body and why I was doing it and got me back into exercising for the first time in a decade.

My journey took me on to specialising in working with people who were trying to get pregnant or were pregnant and needed support at these times in their lives, and I trained in hypnobirthing and hypnotherapy to broaden what I could offer to support this group.

And now I want to help you.

So, I hear you ask, why does effectively giving you my CV (and my secret passions) be of interest to you? Why do you want to read about my life and what I really enjoy, what guides me and keeps me on track and motivated?

Because I want to honest.

I want to show people that I am not just a mum and a wife, I am also someone who has passions, and beliefs and that’s okay. My ‘woo’ side helps me with that and it helps others too.  When I support women who feel like they have no idea what the next step is and how they are going to get through another day, let alone another week with all those thoughts whirring around her head, this is all of me I bring to the session, not just a qualification. I am me and I know that in order to consider working with me, I want you to know what makes me tick, what is important in my life, so you can be comfortable with being you, what you really want, your passions and your dreams.

I am not a pendulum swinging hippy with dreadlocks and a VW camper van (I do have a dream to have a camper van one day though). I do, however, believe in treating people with compassion, that criticising yourself and others doesn’t make you feel good and actually only affects you in the long run, and not in a good way, and I know there is always support out there for whatever crisis of confidence or deep seated worry you are going through.

I want to meet you. But I also wanted you to meet me too, so here it is.


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