Essential Oils – a luxury or a necessity?

Essential Oils

I have been working supporting myself and my family using essential oils for a while now, so much so that people will often ask me what, or how I use them. I am a great one for sharing my experiences, especially if it can help others, which I do.

When I explain how and why these beautiful gifts of the earth work, and even show they work through what I call a gift of a ‘mini care package’ to help someone with whatever they are struggling with, most people love the experience, and the idea that they can use something so natural and chemical free to support theirs and their families physical and emotional health.

Until they ask the price.

And I tell them.

The Response

The response it very often “that is a luxury I cannot afford“.

I get it, I have a growing family, we have a budget, and there are expenses always flowing in and out of our lives.

We all have to make choices about what we spend our money on.

But for me, having something so simple and lovely to use on me and my family to support us every single day with whatever is going on for us is worth every single penny.

Having an ‘essential oils’ medicine cabinet 

My ‘plant based medicine cabinet’ eases sleeplessness, soothes growing pains, addresses sunburn and helps with anxious feelings. It calms heightened emotions when everything is too overwhelming and it relieves headaches in minutes.

But, more importantly than the ‘function’ of these oils, it gives me something I can ‘do’ for me, for my children. It puts me back ‘in control’ of my families health and well-being and allows me to teach my own children how to care for their health holistically, not just reach for a medicine unless it is really needed.

And much like those of us who choose organic and other foods which address our health and well-being, I will not compromise on the quality of oils which I am using on my children.

So the highest quality means the most powerful, and effective in just one drop, and something which looks like a huge outlay is all of a sudden replacing so much more,products than I realised (I say this as I have just made up my cleaning products using these oils, no chemical and nasties just powerful, bacteria killing essential oils)

And it saves my sanity knowing that I don’t have to read ingredient lists trying to work out what the chemical names mean and wondering if they will harm my children in the long term, or disrupt their delicate hormone balance which is the root of so many issues these days.

So they are not my luxury, they are my everyday necessity. The luxury comes in me knowing that I am doing my best for me, and for my family, and there is no price tag attached to that.

Knowing where to start with essential oils

I offer free one-to-one consultations where you can find out more about how essential oils can help the issues that concern you and your own family, with absolutely no obligation. You can book your consultation time online here.

If you haven’t already, you can join my supportive Facebook community here or reach out to me at [email protected]. Alternatively, see my website for more details.

Love Clare x

About Clare Cogan – Creating Calm

Clare Cogan is a Marlow-based practitioner and therapist. Here to offer tailored therapeutic support and advice to ease the anxiety in your life. Know that you or your child do not need to suffer. Reach out.

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  1. I completely agree with you. I’ve used these oils for hay fever, bites, stings, sprains, sore throats, headaches, ear aches, tooth aches, rashes, upset tummies, anxiety, pmt and countless other physical and emotional things. I haven’t had to buy over the counter medicine in months and I have just started using them for cleaning products too.
    My family enjoy knowing there’s an oil for pretty much anything and head there first and foremost.
    Save the heavy medicines for proper illnesses so that we don’t build up an immunity to them x

  2. To me they are a simply what the earth yields for our own benefit. God’s medicine cabinet! I don’t skimp on the essentials like good nutrition or wellbeing and health. I also look upon the price for the oils as supporting the production and research to be the absolute best in turn enabling those around the world working in the industry to have jobs and decent living standards which they might otherwise not have attained.

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