Essential Oils

I have been a therapist for 11 years, as long as I have been a mum. And in my time as a therapist I have learnt, used and understood more and more about the benefits of essential oils.

I first discovered them when I was pregnant with my first son, when a midwife recommended using them to help heal after birth.

I then chose to use natural products rather than chemical laden ones with my boys, especially after my oldest had repeated ear infections and in desperation I went looking for natural solutions.

I have literally spent years trying, and discarding oils, oils which promised that they were natural and pure, but just didn’t resonate with me.

Why such a journey?

Because, if I don’t know what is in something, I won’t use it on my clients feet during a reflexology treatment, or on my two sons.

And then I found DoTERRA Essential Oils.

And from day one I was hooked.


Because they do what they say they are going to do, plus they are not just an oil with a method of use, there is an whole educational journey.


So I feel absolutely confident using them on my children, on myself, on my clients as I have a support network of training and education giving me access to up to date research and knowledge which I use every single day.

Now my boys come to me if they have an issue, physical or emotional asking ‘do you have an oil for that mummy’!

And I am empowering them to support themselves and their own health and well-being.

I also have clients who are learning how to use these oils to support their physical and emotional health too.

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