Hypnotherapy for anger: are you a shouty mum?

Hypnotherapy for anger

It’s the unpopular emotion… but can hypnotherapy for anger really work? Can shouty mum ever become zen mum?

Life is running at 100mph it all feels a bit frantic, you start feeling distracted and that too much on your plate… and then you start getting shouty. Does this sound familiar? Maybe hypnotherapy for anger could help address the underlying stress…

Once I received a message from a self-confessed ‘shouty mum’ who had lost her voice for a few days. She found that she managed to communicate with her son more calmly over those few days with no voice. His response was better.  Now, some of this is to do with having no voice and the rest is down to the fact that when we get ill, we have no choice but to slow down, take rest and stay calm.

Anger has the opposite of the desired effect 

You know that moment when you are just trying to concentrate on something, to get something done and you hear “muuuuummmmmm!!!”…

It can be a trigger before you realise it, snapping with frustration to just get the kids to hurry up or stop fighting / bothering you / whining (delete as appropriate).

However, as a tried and tested ‘shouty mum’ I know it does not make them move faster, it usually moves them in the opposite direction so that all of a sudden everything becomes 100 times harder, and you are then stuck in the cycle of guilt of having shouted, and not really meant it, it was a reaction really, of everything which is currently going on in your head.

And then the guilt

Then, shouty mum is closely followed by guilty mum, especially if you are then having to shoehorn the children out the door to get to school. In this state tears are usually inevitable, theirs or yours.

What this message shows that if you take on board your need to focus on you for a bit, to take that moment, things become easier to handle, and shouty mum, followed by guilty mum are not inevitable in your world.

I am not suggesting you lose your voice like the lovely mum who messaged me had. Just look at how it goes when you do have a calmer, free flowing morning and notice the difference in what is happening, compared to the mornings when the proverbial hits the fan!

I know, in reality that it is usually the final straw which makes you flip, including lost homework, forgotten lunchboxes and children who decide that who gets out of the door first is the most important competition since the Olympics! But, if you are taking time to breathe, every day, to recognise how you are feeling in the moment rather than having a brain racing ahead thinking about the 50 million things you have to do, your response may be less ‘shouty’ and more ‘serene’ (more of the time).

Hypnotherapy for anger

If you find that you are regularly finding it a struggle to stay calm, you might want to consider hypnotherapy which can help deal with the root causes of anger and find better coping strategies which give you immediate and long term relief. You can watch my short video on relationships here and of course contact me for a non-judgmental chat at any time.

Love, Clare x

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