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Hypnotherapy for fear of flying Marlow

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Scared of flying? Is it impacting on you looking forward to an upcoming holiday? Read on to understand how hypnotherapy for fear of flying can help.

It’s that time of year again when everyone starts thinking about getting ‘bikini body ready (well that is what I see on all those magazines on the shelves anyway, not sure my body will ever grace a bikini again)

With the slightly warmer, still unpredictable British weather, people start to move their attention towards their summer holiday, that 2 week break in the sun ‘away from it all’.

However, there is just that tiny matter of getting there, that flight to contend with, and then everything will be amazing.

Fear of flying is one of the most common fears out there. I believe it is because it is one of the things we cannot avoid if we want to holiday in warmer climes.

It’s debilitating and can ruin the whole run up to a holiday, with the thought process going something like ‘I just have to get through a flight’ and then I will be okay.

The run up to the holiday, the waiting around at the airport, all feels like a test of endurance.

You spend the whole time on the flight listening out for unusual noises which the plane makes, praying there is no turbulence and putting on a brave face to reassure anyone around you, including your own children.

The ‘what if’s’ constantly circulate your brain,. You spend your entire time in a state of tension, ready to react at the slightest incident.

How exhausting is that?

Not the greatest way to start your holiday.

Plus, you have two weeks to psyche yourself up to do it all again in reverse, but that is okay because you have 2 weeks to relax and enjoy yourself.

But what if you end up spending the final few days of your precious holiday worrying about that return flight, so that it actually starts to impact on your enjoyment?

So now, a question…..what if you could actually get on that flight, and not exist in a perpetual state of panic, what I call ‘thought hijacks’.

What if you could take that flight like you take a car journey, just simply a way to get from a to b, without the white knuckles and the feeling like you are going to lose the plot at any second?

How can hypnotherapy help me do that?

With hypnotherapy we work on calming that part of the brain which over-reacts in the face of danger, basically telling it to ‘chill out’. All the time you are imagining what might happen, before, or during your flight, you are actually reinforcing in that part of your brain that something bad is actually going to happen, because the brain actually cannot tell the difference between imagination and reality, so every time you play a potential disaster in your head, you are producing the same feelings and emotions as if it is actually happening, which is often why people have panic attacks on flights.

I don’t believe in ‘immersing’ yourself in the fear, or that we can just ‘change our thoughts’ to improve our feelings about flying. Even by knowing how a plane works and what happens doesn’t always work, because our rational brain which takes in all this information literally ‘goes on holiday’ itself when we think of, or experience a flight in an anxious state.  I believe that those repetitive cycles going round and round our heads cannot be changed by our conscious mind, or by willpower alone. Otherwise you would have done it already, wouldn’t you?

You may think that this fear is your lot, something you have to put up with, but what if it isn’t, what if you can actually be in a position where flying just becomes something which is part and parcel of going on holiday?

What if hypnotherapy could help to relieve the stressful feelings you feel when you think about, or experience flying? To allow you to calmly play through those images you have in your mind, which you are playing over and over like a record player, and send a message to the brain that actually, these are just thoughts, not reality. The impact being, when you actually fly, your brain is able to observe the flight for what it is, a trip to take you to your much longed for holiday.

Imagine the positive impact have a calm mind in the face of flying would have on your children too, because we are their role models in these situations and we want them to feel free to travel without our own fears impacting on them.

Imagine gracing the beach on the last day of your holiday, with a lovely tan, not even thinking abut the upcoming flight the following day, wouldn’t that be amazing?

Our holidays are precious time with family and friends, lets maximize that enjoyment.

Love Clare x

I understand fear, and I understand why it happens, as well as what can be done about it.  Why not book a free consultation with me here to find out more.


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