How hypnotherapy for sleep can change our life.

Hypnotherapy for sleep Marlow and High Wycombe

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Poor sleep is an issue. If we don’t sleep well it affects our mood, productivity and even our ability to lose weight. Hypnotherapy for sleep can help.

Get a good nights sleep and it will all feel better in the morning?

Do you remember your mum telling you just that when you were little? I do, and I never believed her, but somehow, it always did. Sleep isn’t just rest, it is also your brains way of processing difficult, challenging and sometimes stressful stuff which has happened during the day so that you can either find a solution to a problem you have been chasing for ages or deal with stuff which feels really emotional and difficult. It massively helps you cope better with the way you are feeling. It doesn’t mean that those feelings and emotions go away, but you get a bit of perspective on them, they feel easier to deal with.

But what if I don’t get a good nights sleep, and no, things don’t look, or feel better in the morning?

Sometimes we give our brain to much to do, so that it can’t get it all done in one go, in one cycle of sleep. It then doesn’t feel better in the morning. That disagreement you had with a friend, that issue at work which is really stressing you out and you can’t find a solution for, is still sitting in your brain when you wake up.

No sleep, broken sleep or unproductive sleep where you feel just as tired when you wake up as when you closed your eyes are all indications of a busy, overactive mind which hasn’t been given the time, or space to switch off. The things you feel you must do, have to do and the world will end if you don’t do all contribute to us not stopping until we fall, exhausted into our bed, feeling overwhelmed and to be honest, not ready to rest mentally, even though we feel we can’t take one more step physically.

I know this because I experience it at times, when I work in the evening I often need a good hour of ‘down time’ which means that I am likely to end up going to bed later to give my body, and mind time to wind down.

So – what can be done?

Good sleep habits are really important, they make massive difference to our brain being triggered to sleep. Switching off anything which stimulates the brain, emails, social media even TV a good 30 minutes before bed send signals that it is time to slumber, and recharge. Not drinking caffeine or eating sugar too late at night all reduces the brains active state which can send us into that lovely, just before bed sense of calm. Using relaxations and guided meditations can also have a huge impact as they train our brain into switching off more effectively and even help the brain by processing some of the emotional stuff making it all easier to cope with.

How does hypnotherapy help?

Often, when we are experiencing consistently poor sleep and even adopting good sleep habits are not breaking the cycle, it is an indication that the right support and guidance is needed.  The trouble is that a lot of ‘sleep solutions’ focus on ‘getting to sleep”, which often wind you up to feeling more frustrated when you don’t sleep.  When we become frustrated about not being able to sleep, we produce adrenalin, and that adrenalin puts us a primitive brain state and ‘fight, flight’ mode, meaning it is highly unlikely we are going to then fall asleep easily. Hypnotherapy for sleep explores the issue on an individual basis, taking an holistic approach, not just focusing on the need to relax, because sometimes that si the one thing you just cannot do.

The thing is, often, poor sleep patterns can lead to higher levels of anxiety, and then we are not sure which came first.  What hypnotherapy for sleep does is encourages the brain (trains it if you like) to help empty that bucket full of stresses and worries which we have been carrying around with us all day so that it is able to restore itself and reset ready for another full on day. It takes to brain into that state of relaxation we need to support our mind, and therefore our body to feel calmer, and not constantly on high alert, waiting for the next thing to happen which we need to deal with.

When we have an ’empty bucket’, solutions for lifes challenges come to mind so much more easily, our mood feels more stable and even our eating habits improve as we are not craving that sugar fix to get us through the day.

Working with a hypnotherapist to understand this in more depth and individual to you and your situation helps to give you the confidence to not succumb to poor sleep, or become frustrated by it. I know that when I fully understood this cycle and pattern and how to break it, I was also able to role model it for my children too and encourage them to use these stress bucket emptying techniques.

Essential Oils Help Too

So many people are aware, or use, lavender essential oil to help them calm and relax ready for a good nights sleep.  we know that aroma has a powerful impact on the body, and mind.  There are other oils which are also very powerful to help induce that calming, sleep like state too, many which I have used not only on me, but also my children

Vetiver Essential Oil has a very calming and grounding effect on the body and mind, meaning that it will help bring us out of our busy, overactive mind. Cedarwood Essential Oil is one I call me ‘stress bucket emptying oil’ as it seems to help me process all those thoughts and unexpressed emotions which I have experienced during the day which help calm and relax me.  And I would not be without my Serenity Essential Oil which has all the sleep supporting oils blended together, including lavender, and is known as the ‘restful blend’. One final essential oil which I need to mention is a blend called ‘Air‘. Known as the respiratory blend, it has a blend of breathing enhancing oils which helps us breath more deeply and therefore calmly, triggering the brain to relax, and therefore establish a sleep like state.  This oil is also fabulous for any snorers too, through the opening up of the airways, I have had multiple successes using this oil.

Used on the feet, or put in a cold air diffuser, you can easily create and aroma of calm and relaxation which creates the right environment for sleep and is a fantastic accompaniment to the hypnotherapy for sleep techniques. You can read more about how i use essential oils in everyday life in my blog post here.

It goes without saying that improvements won’t happen unless there is a commitment to change things, even small things. Habits can feel impossible to break but for things to look better in the morning and to feel like you can take on whatever life throws at us, we have to begin with our sleep.

Love Clare x

To learn more about using hypnotherapy and essential oils to improve your sleep, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me here.


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