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Are you pregnant and being told you need to 'relax'?

Or wanting your baby to make an appearance!

Marlow Reflexology for Pregnancy

My name is Clare Cogan and I offer reflexology for pregnancy in Marlow, covering High Wycombe and all of the surrounding areas.

If you are pregnant, then my specialist support is for you.

When are working either in a job, looking after other children, or both. We often get told to ‘relax’ which will help us either fall pregnant or manage our pregnancy. We often feel guilty when we don’t, which adds to the feeling of stress!

And sometimes ‘taking time out to relax’ this isn’t as straightforward as it seems.

Often friends or family with recommend reflexology as a way of relaxing, taking time out and giving your mind and body a rest.

And this is exactly what I do, in purpose built space in in Marlow.

No distractions, no disturbances, just calmness and peace away from the stresses and strains of everyday life.

My reflexology treatments are more than just an hour of ‘you time’. My background in working with pregnancy clients for the past 10 years means that I am able to support, understand and provide you with a safe, confidential space to share any worries or concerns you may have so that you can truly switch off.

You will receive a guided relaxation as part of your treatment with me, specific to your needs as well as an MP3 relaxation recording to take away with you.

My specialism is calmness, and that is how I will leave you feeling.

So whether you are;

At the end of your pregnancy, wanting to relax and prepare the best you possibly can for the birth of you baby.

Or finding it hard to manage the stresses of work and needing some support to manage your pregnancy, needing some time out to relax.

My treatments are for you.

I offer a FREE no obligation conversation either over the phone or in person to talk through the best possible options for you. Call or text 07843 055587 to enquire.

Reflexology for pregnancy, Marlow gives you the much need opportunity to take time out, time for you, time you wouldn’t have otherwise let yourself have.

Love Clare x


Marlow Reflexology for Pregnancy
Marlow Reflexology for Pregnancy
Marlow Reflexology for Pregnancy

Get in touch by clicking through below or texting/calling me on 07843 055587 and lets have a chat.

My only regret since coming to see Clare for reflexology for pregnancy is that I did not discover her sooner!

By 37 weeks pregnant, I was desperate for some sleep and relaxation, any woman who has had a baby will know that by this point in a pregnancy sleep is a thing of the past and getting comfortable is impossible.

I came to see Clare for reflexology for pregnancy in desperation from a lack of sleep and constant uncomfortableness and it has been revolutionary. If I could recommend anything to fellow pregnant women it would be reflexology – it is a must in pregnancy! From the first session everything changed for me, I relaxed during the hour long session and left feeling more ‘zen’ than I have been in a long time, that very night I had a solid night sleep, and did so for the next 3 nights. I came back for another session the following weekend and again the same thing happened, I felt so relaxed, ache free and the following nights I slept soundly. I can only add that on top of feeling tension-free, stress-free and ache-free, I feel that those benefits can only be advantageous to my baby…what baby wants to be living inside a mum who is pulling her hair out through lack of sleep and a resulting tension? I feel so much calmer and happier (and as a result so does my husband) since discovering reflexology, as mentioned before I only wish I had discovered it sooner in my pregnancy. I know of nothing that anyone can offer you during pregnancy that will give you that same feeling and result – please, please, please pregnant mamas’ give reflexology a try!

Amy S

I find the entire treatment so calming and enjoyable.  I felt that it helped me to connect with my baby as certain areas in the foot seemed to trigger off my baby to move, which made me smile knowing my baby was responding and happy.  I would always leave feeling so relaxed – Ali

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