When my son made me cry

mothers pride

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This weekend has been a busy one for us (when isn’t) but when swimming galas are involved they do feel pretty intense. My oldest son loves his swimming and although not super competitive by nature (he often stops in his lane in training to let other swimmers past) he is like a fish in the water and always comes out buzzing and happy.

So, up at the crack of dawn and off to the pool for his 7 races and something he said surprised me.

He didn’t care about winning.

He loves his medals so, don’t get me wrong, if he had received one of those he would have been made up but it wasn’t the reason for him getting up and into the pool at 8am on Saturday morning and not leaving until 7pm.

His only interest were in his times, how much better he was doing himself, pitching himself against himself, his own ‘personal best’.

I wasn’t there for the first half of the day so I was getting regular updates from my husband which went along the lines of, ‘knocked 2 seconds off his pb’, ‘another time better than the last’ and I was sitting there with the biggest grin on my face.

Then it was my turn to go and watch him and support his efforts and what I saw made me really emotional.

He was so focused.

He stayed in his lane, totally calm and collected, words could not describe how proud I was of him. He swam his own race and at no point did he look over at what the other boys were doing. When he finished he came up to me and asked me, what was my time?

And he got new personal bests in every single race.

To see how proud he was of himself made me well up, the confidence he felt and being rewarded for all that hard work and effort, it really didn’t matter what anyone else was doing.

And it got me thinking metaphorically about our lives as busy mums.

If we stay in our own lane, remain calm and focused on our own lives, and not be distracted by others ambitions or even dramas then we can achieve our own ‘personal best’. Your best is not the same as anyone elses but very often we look to what others are doing and feel inadequate as a result because they have something ‘we want’ or aspire to be.

What made me prouder than anything about my Joseph was his ability to not be distracted by how well anyone else had done in comparison to himself. He celebrated their efforts as they are a lovely, supportive team but none of their results detracted from how well he felt had done himself.

So my message to you, stay focused on what you want, don’t let others distract you from your lane and see how much pride you can have in yourself for just learning to love who you are and what is important in your life.

Be your own ‘personal best’.

Clare x




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