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Chaos to Calm – Managing your mind to boost your mood

January 18 - January 22


Is Covid anxiety upsetting your equilibrium?

After a difficult start to 2021 with no end in sight, we can find ourselves stuck in that negative mind chatter where it feels like things will never improve.

Feelings of uncertainty impact on our anxiety and stress levels, disrupting our relationships with others.

Things in our lives which may have been manageable before have started to feel increasingly unmanageable.

This is not a good place for any of us to be.

What we need to focus on is what we can control, how we can introduce more certainty into our lives.

And this is where I can help.

From Chaos to Calm this January 2021 will transform the way you approach your everyday life, showing you improved, easier ways of looking after yourself.

No long zoom classes or calls, just short, 5 minute videos each day for you to work through at your pace in an easy to follow format.

Imagine sleeping better, feeling calmer in challenging situations, creating more positive connections and actually having some time and space where you can think, and feel better.

My 5 day online course (accessible at any time of the day) runs from Monday 18th January and will cover;

Sleeping – what it means to sleep better to feel calm.

Managing mood – understanding what happens in the brain when we experience anger, anxiety or depression

Focus and concentration – how learning the benefits of focus can help us feel accomplished, and more productive

Friendships and connections – what a positive relationship means and what it can do for our mind, and our mood.

Creating Space – why we refuse to take time out for us, and how we can turn our thinking upside down with better, happier and more productive results.

I will be joined by Sarah Taylor, Well-Being and Productivity Coach and Michelle Cooke, Essential Oils Educator to share the benefit of their expertise.

This course is for you or a loved one if you want to give the gift the calm.

This course will help you take control back. Teach you the tools to take you from chaos to calm so that you can embrace and enjoy every day.

Booking deadline is Sunday 17th January 2021.

Book here: https://clarecogan.as.me/chaostocalm

Cost: £40


January 18
January 22