I wanted to share some of my recommendations for resources which have helped me support my clients, teenagers and parents.

I spend a lot of time searching out things which can often make a small, but significant difference which helps us challenge the way we see the world and gives us a tiny bit of control back. All of these are books I have read, websites I have bought from and my boys are often my testers for a lot of these resources too.

Some Recommended Books
My Mood Stars

Although these Mood Stars were originally designed for younger children, they have been of great benefit to older ones too, including teens who at times struggle to understand and express their emotions.

My Mood Stars are 8 plush toy Stars depicting different emotions that are easy for children to relate to. They help children identify their emotions and those of others so they can start to recognise when their friends or siblings are struggling.

My Mood Stars come on their own or with their Mood Stars board onto which the My Mood Stars stick for extra sensory fun. There is also a My Mood Stars workbook. A free 4 page activity sheet is also available to download from the website. My Mood Stars are washable at 40 degrees and tumble dryer proof!


The Happiness Shop has a great collection of resources for Teens to help support those experiencing anxiety and other challenges and promote a positive mood.  There are some simple ideas which can aid a calm mind and a more positive outlook.

Teen Breathe

This is a great magazine which aims to support teenagers to understand and develop strategies to cope with challenges in their every day life, written from their perspective. You can purchase individual copies or a subscription.

The Teenage Brain by Dr Frances E Jensen

This is a great book if you are interested in delving deep into how the teenage brain works from a neuroscience perspective.

Blame my Brain – the amazing teenage brain revealed by Nicola Morgan

This is a great book exploring the teenage brain from their perspective.