Talks at Retreats and Events

That feeling, that desire to run a retreat or event, to give people the opportunity to come together, to hold space for them, to take time out from everyday life.

It could be that you are bringing a group of people together to relax, and experience the flow of well-being, meditation and yoga.

That desire to give them a diverse and positive experience with support to achieve your objective, to look after the people you have brought together, to give them the opportunity to have something more, enhancing their journey.

I can help enhance your amazing skills.

I offer a session devoted to teaching others about the power of essential oils, how they can work on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, and the opportunity to connect with you own personal blend of oils which will support you, and your attendees on their journey, whatever that may be.

This could be a blend for self acceptance, one for letting go of fears which may be holding you back in your everyday life, or an oil to support you to assert consistent and loving boundaries. After a discussion with you I shall bring together some options to reflect the needs of your group.

This 90 minute session will be delivered as part of your retreat or event and will give you all the knowledge and confidence to move forward using essential oils in their purist form, and for therapeutic purposes, even building them into your own business or work/life space.

All I need from you is a space to teach, and educate, I will do the rest.

Allow your retreat to stand out and reflect your true intention of why you are running it, to care for others physical, and emotional well-being.

Here is what others have to say about this session and how it supported them in their lives;

To have a chat and we can explore how we can meet your requirements.