Trusting your Instincts

trusting your instincts

You know this life we live, every day just turning up, keeping going, doing what we need to do. Do we always know what we are doing and why? Do we always know why we make the decisions we do and have a clear, logical rational reason for making them?

People ask me why I decided to train as a reflexologist. I can’t tell them. I remember enjoying reflexology myself, and I remember being on maternity leave and looking for an alternative to my career path at the time which was social work. But I had no clue that this was what I would end up doing (along with a number of other things)

And it stuck too. Lots of other therapists around me came and went, including the majority of the people I trained with, but I wanted to keep going, I could see the support my time giving over to others was having on people’s lives.

When you have no clear explanation

So when people ask me why did I get involved in essential oils, I have no clear explanation for them.

I can give you the absolute rational response which is that they are absolutely high grade, and of therapeutic quality, they are proven to have nothing but the essential oil in it and are independently tested.

Yes, that makes my decision making just a little easier when you have been exploring the essential oils market for over 11 years and not realising the difference, just knowing that there was one. There is a reason why these oils actually ‘work’ for people and others just have a pleasant aroma.

Powerful & Positive

But the passion which comes from sharing them, well that came well out of left field!

My only explanation which I can give you is that they actually have such a positive impact, my natural implication is to help others gain knowledge and understanding about how to share them with the world. Not just buying a product off a shelf, but actually taking the top off and using it, and having the confidence to do so.

When I use them on my children, and my clients every day, and see the positive benefits of calm, of lessened anxiety, a reduction in stress. When my husband wakes up declaring he had the best nights sleep ever and he didn’t realise I was diffusing an essential oil in the night. I see the proof every single day and this gives me the opportunity to bring my skills to people far beyond my treatment room. Did I know this was going to happen? I had no clue, but I am so glad it did.

Do you trust your instincts?

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Love Clare x

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