When the lights went out

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So yesterday afternoon I was on a Skype call when all of a sudden it was like the world had stopped, everything went off, lights, camera and action.  Closer inspection resulted in a call to the electricity company to find that we were the only house on our street without power.

Having been very impressed with the fast response of the electricity company, I kept chilled, picked the boys up from school, and waited….to be told by the first engineer that they couldn’t find the fault, and a second engineer would have to be called out.

I was continuing to remain ‘cool’ with the whole thing, sandwiches for tea wouldn’t hurt for once, right? But as it got darker, and colder, my upbeat resolve started to weaken.  I had clients booked in all day the following day, what if I have to let them down, with no heating and no light, how on earth is that going to work?  I could feel my stress bucket getting a bit too full for my liking.

Cue my husband, who is one of the most positive people I know, and had not spent the afternoon sitting in the car having to charge his phone up to take calls from the electricity company.  He had a fresh perspective, candles and his ‘man make fire’ persona going on, and totally reduced the stress which was beginning to fill up my bucket.

He helped me find solutions to my ‘client panic’, this I was struggling to work through as I wasn’t thinking clearly.  He turned it into a temporary adventure, and boy that felt better than where I was at.

Bottom line for me in this situation? We are all human, and sometimes life unexpectedly gets in the way of our plans and organised activities, and leads us to feel totally overwhelmed and stressed out.

Life happens, it’s how we respond which is the clue to how we truly are feeling, are coping with everyday life.  Is this a temporary setback, or does this feel like the last straw, the removal of the card at the bottom of the pyramid which is going to lead to the rest coming tumbling down.  If it feels like your world is going to collapse when something unexpected happens which is out of your control, how long does it take you to get back on track, to deal with the situation and move on, or do you feel like that you are not even there, and this is one more thing in the cycle of a very difficult, unhappy and miserable existence?

In my case my husband was able to bring me ‘back from the brink’, using his positivity saved me from myself, and my worrying.  He helped me get things back into perspective and find solutions to not insurmountable issues. However, sometimes regaining that perspective when the unexpected happens can feel impossible, that you can’t see the wood for the trees, like trying to make a decision is making you more indecisive, trying to be rational is leading you to feel angrier and upset.

When our stress bucket is full we find it much, much harder to make those decisions and think clearly, we can actually often make decisions which make us feel worse.  Being the martyr, doing everything for everyone else in an attempt to make us feel better, and as a result making us feel worse as we start resenting the time we are spending doing ‘stuff’ for other people.  Everything feels like an effort, which leads us to feel guilty about then not going a ‘good enough’ job, and round, and round we go on the merry go round of negative thinking.

Trying to work out why you feel this way is a biggy.  You might not even realise that you are scared of what is happening, you might not want to acknowledge that those thoughts are there, blocking them out by ‘being too busy’.  If what I have written here has resonated in some way with you then get in touch.  Nothing which is going on in our heads is insurmountable, and with my stress bucket emptying expertise, I can help you get your clarity back and the guilt free, enjoyable life which you crave.


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