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Chances are if you are here then things are not going as swimmingly as you wish they would, but you can’t quite put your finger on why.

Are you tired of feeling tired, overwhelmed and over analysing every little action or decision which you make to convince yourself it is the right one?

Are you reacting to situations or making a decision and then telling yourself that it’s the wrong one, over and over again and that your children will be damaged for life if you step out of ‘line’ and do things differently to what everyone else is doing?

You feel judged, so judged. Your read so much into what other people are saying when you meet up with other mum groups, with family, when you are reading about everyone else’s lives on social media.  You feel like you can never get it right.

Are you fed up of saying you feel okay when you don’t feel okay and you are ready to erupt with frustration or feel overwhelmed with loneliness when you hear, see or read about;


  • Other peoples ‘amazing’ children with siblings who never fight and love each other SO much
  • How intelligent, capable and amazing your friend’s child is – how helpful around the house whilst yours has just shouted ‘I hate you’ and slammed their bedroom door.
  • The amazing friends all your friends are surrounded by, the people they could just not do without, surrounded by popping prosecco corks and posting lovely dovey pictures on social media.

I know about all the guilty, and not so guilty secrets you are keeping, and never has a more truer saying been spoken;

 ‘A problem shared is a problem halved’

Seriously, you cannot expect yourself to function well or feel happy when you have all this pent up anger and emotions cluttering up inside you, fighting each other for head space.

Even if you try and communicate with friends or family about this stuff in your head you find it hard because you are held back by those feelings of being judged, of not being good enough, so you smile and yet again pretend everything is okay.



Talking honestly, and openly about your feelings in a safe, confidential space;

  • Takes the ‘weight’ off your shoulders. ‘Weight’ you have been carrying for so long you didn’t even realise it was there any more.
  • Talking openly ‘sets you free’. You are good enough, you do get it right and most importantly, your feelings are real and normal.

And once you have unburdened yourself, been given some time and space to really let go, I will give you an understanding of your situation, completely personal to you, your life and your circumstances and together we will look for, and find the solutions which work for you, to take you from where you are right now to where you want to be.

I use real life problem solving with my mums to help you reflect and change your attitude to what is going on, give you a new perspective on it.

  • You will use my skills and expertise to create your bespoke support and a unique tool kit to take you from where you are, to be that woman you want to be.
  • I won’t give you an emotionally attached opinion, I see beyond that feeling of stuckness which no coffee and cake with a friend or bottle of wine can do. We will break through these feelings of inadequacy, guilt and overwhelm which you carry around with you and give you that feeling that someone actually understands, someone can see the way through for YOU.

And I will hold that space for you until you are ready to hold it on your own.

So what tools do I have in my toolbox to support you to create your awesome?

I use them all, to create your own bespoke solution to the issues which you are facing.

My skills are in listening, and hearing what you are saying, really hearing you and making sense of your experiences, your problems, worries and concerns in a safe, confidential space.

Have you ever had someone who is just there to listen to YOU, your concerns, worries, fears and anxieties or celebrate your success without feeling the need to say, ‘I did that too’ without taking a minute to see your achievements as yours rather than a reflection of what they have or haven’t done?

I then incorporate my own brand of solution focused awesome to get you unstuck and back on track, I will ask you questions to challenge your ways of thinking, or reacting in certain situations and together we look at ways you can respond differently to preserve your sanity.

I will give you a complete understanding of why you are feeling the way you are, that it is not actually your ‘personality trait’ or ‘just the way you are’ but real brain stuff that can really be changed if you want to feel happier and more content.

I will use hypnosis and deep relaxation techniques to ‘give your brain a break’, stop the washing machine head and take the pressure off you trying to work it all out by thinking about it, it is so often when we are NOT thinking about it that the solutions to problems come.

I will also incorporate my reflexology and reiki techniques as well as my ability to read oracle cards where suggested and really help you feel stronger and more confident to be the person you are, the person you want to be, not the sheep following the crowd, scared they might get something wrong, but that person who can be proud of themselves and the choices they make.

Peace of mind is priceless, knowing someone who is in your corner who totally gets it is equally invaluable. I know my support is life changing but I also want you to hear from some other women who have worked with me and have really experienced important and significant changes in their lives;

So, if you want to get back in the driving seat, feel like you can achieve balance and calm, get yourself back then now’s the time to take action.

Remember, self isn’t selfish – it’s absolutely bloomin necessary as a mum (and all those other hats you wear)

Clare x

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