My Story

Hi, my name is Clare Cogan, I am the founder of ‘Creating Calm’, supporting families to create more calm in their lives

I am a Teenage Mental Health specialist, supporting parents and teens with a range of issues including anxiety, depression, motivation, self confidence and self esteem.

I am a wife, mother, chief cook and bottle washer as well as running my own business for the past 14 years.

The reason I do what I do? Because most of my life I have suffered to some degree or another with anxieties. Worries about what is going on in my life right now, concerns about the future.

Difficulties interacting in social situations, over thinking about what others think of me, feeling unpopular, scared, overwhelmed and unhappy.

This huge collection of thoughts, worries and anxieties played havoc with my brain, leading to a roller coaster of symptoms, including emetophobia at the age of 15 (fear of being sick), a heart condition brought on by stress at the age of 21 and a variety of anxiety induced panic attacks and fears in between those times.

Having my first child 15 years ago ramped up those anxieties because it was now not only about me any more. Would they be safe, how would I cope being a mum?

I would reject most people who tried to get close to me, my lack of self belief non existent. I would get angry, tearful and frustrated at the smallest things.

Having my boys totally gave me the wake up call I needed to start to properly work on myself.  I had been in and out of counselling for most of my teenage and adult life. But now, I needed to find something which properly addressed these overwhelming anxieties, long term.

And that is when I discovered solution focused hypnotherapy.  Understanding how my brain worked and why I got myself into an acutely anxious state literally changed my life overnight.  Once I understood what was going on in my mind, and why I was in such a state of paralysis, anger or downright loneliness I started to take control back.

I started to give myself permission to stop beating myself up, thinking it was my fault that I had all of these thoughts constantly whirring round my head, I shouted at my boys, or why my job was totally wearing me out.

And giving me that control back was life changing for me.  The biggest life change was giving up my part time job and focusing solely on running my business which I had built over the 15 years of being a mum.  I did this without fear, without worrying about what might happen, I just did it!

In making this change I became more of the mum I wanted to be for my boys, I relaxed and they chilled too, not being constantly on edge waiting for mum to lose the plot again.  I feel terrible even just admitting this but now I know how things can be different.

And now I have two teen boys and I am navigating the tricky teenage years, through a pandemic, and learning about how the challenges can be different for this age group as they strive towards adulthood and independence.

Using the tools and techniques I learnt, and practising relentlessly, both in my own life and supporting others, I got me back, I realised what I wanted and what I didn’t, and it felt AMAZING.

And I want more than anything to do the same for you, and your teenager.

Because if I can do it – you can too!

So my message to you – stop waiting for things to get better, for things to improve. Sometimes it is difficult to work out when outside help might be needed, and we can turn these thoughts round and round in our heads.

It is why I offer a 30 minute phone call to share your concerns and for me to explain how I can help. Change starts with one single step, and this could be yours.

I have been on the challenging journey of anxiety and I have dragged myself back up from the deepest darkest depths to be who I am, me, Clare Cogan. An individual who knows how to get other peoples life back on track and is passionate about doing so

If you do nothing else today click this link here and get in touch. Let’s have a conversation and see where it will lead.

Love Clare x

So, how do we get started?

It all starts by you getting in touch and letting me know that you or your teenager needs my help.

We have a free, 30 minute chat where I can explain more about the process and you can ask any questions and then, when you or your teen are ready, we can get started together.

  • Cost per Session £75

Or if you have any queries, then why not get in touch and I will be happy to answer them for you: