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Anyone for Chocolate?

Anyone love the odd bar of Cadbury? Or maybe a box of chocolates is your thing? We eat them, sometimes in one sitting…..and then feel tremendously guilty doing so, and sometimes even wish we hadn’t? What if I told you that chocolate can actually be good for you, and...

Are Essential Oils a luxury or a necessity?

I have been working supporting myself and my family using essential oils for a while now, so much so that people will often ask me what, or how I use them. I am a great one for sharing my experiences, especially if it can help others, which I do. When I...

Post Puppy Depression

Post Puppy Depression!  I’d always seen myself as “cat person”; you know, when people ask ‘are you a dog or a cat person’?  That was until we got a dog -  then I was smitten.  But having a puppy, well, that’s a whole new ball game. I’d found a breeder and as if the...



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