Hypnobirthing and Me

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I have had such an amazing year this year as my 1 year anniversary of teaching hypnobirthing is reached.  From a passion for pregnancy and all things related to a self confessed ‘birth nut’ the expansion of my knowledge has been immense, and the journey I have been on, totally unanticipated and fabulous!

In this past year I have met the most amazing people, first, second and third time parents, all wanting to do the best for themselves, and their babies during their pregnancy, labour and birth.  Safe to say there has not been one couple who have not said that they felt that hypnobirthing had a positive impact on their birth experience.  Not one birth was similar to the other, and that is what I have found so thought provoking when reflecting back over the year.  From natural, drug free births, to mums needing a little extra support to Caesareans and a breech birth in a Midwife Led Unit, each one has been completely unique and celebrated for the unwavering focus of mum and the contented, calm baby.

The one thing all these amazing mums (and dads) describe is their feeling of being in control.  Understanding what is happening and feeling confident to ask questions and obtain explanations.  Weighing up the risks and benefits and ‘owning’ their birth.  Sometimes pregnancy, and birth does take unexpected twists, and turns but the ultimate result is one of empowerment and confidence, and overwhelming pride that all decisions which were made were theirs.

Here’s to the next year of teaching hypnobirthing to more lovely pregnant couples, and my own on-going journey to train as a hypnotherapist!



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