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How to start creating space for you to help manage your mind and your mood.

How hard do you find ‘creating time for you’?  

How often do you find yourself prioritising others needs before your own, feeling like this is a necessary part of everyday life? 

How depleted do you feel by this, and find you have to reach a space of exhaustion before you stop and recharge? 

This is so common in everyday life, where ‘busyness’ is almost seen as the path to being successful and to achieving. 

And in a lot of situations in everyday life, we are teaching our children this to and modelling that getting everything done and not putting ourselves first is okay. 

There are so many analogies out there which try to illustrate the importance of looking after ourselves; 

‘You need to put your own oxygen mask on first before helping others’ 

‘You cannot give from an empty cup’ 

These quotes are easy to read, but how much do we truly put them into practice? Truth is, very often we don’t, and we end up living for the next break, the next holiday or outing to give ourselves our much-needed downtime. 

But the truth is we should be creating space for ourselves every day. It is the way our brain processes everything which is going on and all the complexities of life we have to deal with, especially right now. 

If we want to have positive mental health, feel calmer and more in control, then creating space for ourselves in vital. 

But how do I start? 

I want to ask you a question, and I want you to answer it honestly. 

What do you NEED to be okay?  

What fills your cup up, helps you to feel more connected, less worried or stressed, more productive and dare I say it, happy? 

I want you to consider things in your life which you can control, things where you can make decisions and choices, not areas which are external to us and not achievable in the short term. 

Make a list, consider it and make these things non-negotiable. 

The bottom line is, is that if you don’t put yourself first, no-one else is going to, and the only person you will depleting is you. 

Then consider the wants. 

What is that really fills that cup up to overflowing, that brings you past ‘okay’ and into ‘life is going really well? 

These are often bigger events and things we have enjoyed in the past which truly make a difference. However, is there anything which you would like to do more of which you could introduce right now, which doesn’t rely on a pandemic or other people’s decision making? 

It is interesting to take time to consider these two areas, which truly help us maximise our feelings of well-being. 

Right now, moving into 2021, and more than ever, we need to create space for ourselves, to give ourselves the love and care we show to others and see what a difference it can make. 

If you’d like to find out more about creating space and how to really put this into practice then please click here to find out more about my upcoming “Chaos to Calm – Managing your mind to boost your mood” online course which starts on 18th January 2021. Creating Space for ourselves to help us manage our mood will be one of the key topics we explore to help us creating manageable and lasting change. 

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