Managing Stress

Managing Stress

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Sometimes I sit here knowing what I want to say, but not sure how to say it. I could come out with all the normal platitudes about it being colder, darker, and wetter which would all be true, but what difference would this make to you?

For me, ‘Creating Calm’ is all about sharing messages which support and guide people in their everyday life. So the fact that it is Stress Awareness Week gave me a subject to ponder on. However, as with Mental Health Awareness Day last month, being ‘aware’ of something doesn’t make it go away, or even make it better.

Yes, being aware of something is half the battle but it is finding the tools and solutions to support us moving through it which makes the biggest difference.

I can hazard a guess that the majority of us are stressed. Not the daily ‘tear your hair out’ stress, but a level of cortisol producing stress which we have just become used to in our everyday lives. That busyness and being continually on the go.

I believe that stress is often presented as symptoms, inability to sleep or feel rested when we do sleep, flying off the handle at the seemingly smallest of things or just feeling completely overwhelmed by what we have before us and trying to work out how the heck we are going to get it all done.

Okay, yes, I can now start telling you about the need to get better sleep, practice more ‘self care’ and, list the top tips. I am not sure if you really need to know that, do you know it already?

What makes the difference in emptying the overfilling ‘stress bucket’ is recognising there is an issue, and then finding the tools which work for you, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. So it isn’t about planning a spa day to reduce the stress, if you are going to end up walking straight back into a stressful and challenging life and work environment. It is about taking some small building blocks and placing them back into your life, something you enjoy, take pleasure from, and most importantly does not take up too much time. Why? Because otherwise we will not do it.

So this November, when we face an inevitable building momentum towards the festive season, consider one small change or something you can re-establish in your life which gives you pleasure. It could be a craft project, time with family or friends or even starting that book you promised yourself you would. Switching down and switching off is finding what works for you, in the environment which works best for you, not what everyone else is telling us.

For me, my essential oils are my tool which I use daily in my life to help me get good rest and manage stress. Exploring these and finding the right combination which suits me for my skin, my hair and my diffuser on a daily basis gives me a sense of peace, and calm, however I am feeling.

So, find what works for you, what truly helps you create calm in your lives. Because, if we are calmer and happier, so will our loved ones around us be.

Love Clare x


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