The Power of the Hypnobirthing Course – What to Expect?

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The Power of the Hypnobirthing Course: What to expect

Welcome to my blog about the power of Hypnobirthing; be prepared for mind control myths to be busted and stage hypnosis scenes to fall well and truly by the wayside.

 The increasingly invasive labour realm and my contrasting ethos

With statistics showing that more and more women are opting for non-medically essential C-Sections, and with figures showing that medical interventions are becoming the norm, it can rightly seem that labour may be becoming increasingly invasive.

I offer a compelling alternative to this landscape which focuses instead upon the power of your mind. Hypnobirthing draws upon understanding the inner workings of the brain and the ways in which you can overcome pain. It provides a solid grasp upon how your body operates during birth and the ways in which you can harness the power of your body in working with the labour process.

 The Solid Principles of Hypnobirthing

I will empower you in understanding labour in the most practical of ways, and whilst Hypnobirthing focusses upon the power of the mind, this isn’t to say that this course won’t present to you the realities of birth, indeed this is very much an intrinsic part of your Hypnobirthing journey. What’s more the course will teach you that these things are far from something to be feared and through breathing techniques, deep relaxation, visualisation and massage you will harness practical and real labour aids that compliment a solid understanding of your labour journey.

 My Hypnobirthing Course: What You Will Learn

My course will empower you and your grasp upon the labour process and provide solid ways in which you can experience your labour wherever you choose to give birth, be this at home, in hospital or within a birthing centre.

You’ll be prepared for the unexpected and will have the knowledge and understanding required in facing such scenarios without fear and with confidence, allowing you to stay calm and maintain trust within you and your natural birthing ability.

 I use film, demonstrations, discussions and lots of practice throughout the course so that you go away feeling excited, prepared and knowing what you need to do to achieve a positive birth experience for you, your birth partner, and most importantly, your baby.

 You and I: My approach to my clients

I never adopt a one size fits all approach to my clients. After all, giving birth is one of the most powerful yet personalised experiences a couple can experience and it is only right that preparing for your experience will be accompanied with your own set of unique worries, fears and concerns, each of which I will address and overcome.

What’s more I also completely incorporate and consider your birthing partner every step of the way, so that they are equally as involved within the course and have a full understanding of their role.

 Are you ready to begin work towards a fully informed, completely managed labour and labour experience for you and your baby? Let’s talk.

Overcome Your Fear


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