What do I do to help people?

Hypnotherapy Marlow Trauma

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It’s that infamous question, what do you do?

I help people.


Ummmm well, I use my lifetime of experience working with people to help them understand themselves, why they behave the way they do and how they can make small changes in their lives which make a big difference.

Okay, so how do you do that?

I create a safe space for anyone feeling that their life is being limited by any number of things, fears, anxieties, lack of confidence, anger or lack of mojo.

Things which they feel they can’t put into words when their loved ones ask what is wrong I can make sense of for them. I can articulate what somebody is thinking or feeling and give meaning to it, to stop the battle which is waging war in their head.

Okay, so you get it, but how do you make it better?

I encourage people to start seeing what they have always seen one way, differently.

Gentle, encouragement, listening and cheerleading ensures people who have spent weeks, months, or even years living with a challenging issue in their lives can start to really process something in a different way, see their life in a different way, and as a result, feel better about themselves and what is around them.

I have my toolbox of techniques, honed over many years of listening and understanding people. I will take them on a pathway of discovery at a pace they are willing to go.

Everyone’s life is different and one size does not fit all. I use reflexology, hypnosis, relaxation, listening, understanding, empathy and sensitivity to guide people through, holding their space until they are ready to hold it on their own.

But what would be the benefits of me coming to see you?

All of the above. I am not emotionally involved in your life, I can see the bigger picture. I get that life can throw us curve balls but I also understand that the way our brains work can trigger unexpected and unwanted reactions and responses to difficult situations, even when everything else in our lives is going well.

I get that when we feel like this we think we are the only one, sometimes people think they are going mad, I know they are not and I know what to do to stop people feeling that way.

I give gentle encouragement and support at a scary time to help people see the light in their lives again, stop their thoughts limiting their lives and building their confidence again.

That’s what I do, in a nutshell.

Love Clare x


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