My journey of failure leading to discovery…….

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My journey of failure leading to discovery……

Being a mum as well as a therapist, I did not know ‘everything’ right from the start. Sometimes we have to go on a journey of discovery to end up where we do, and the starting point is not always an easy one. My son, at the age of 1 year old experienced mild to moderate hearing loss from a condition called ‘glue ear’ and after countless antibiotics left his immune system on the floor.

No mum wants to see their son ill literally every week, with a raging temperature and not able to enjoy life. I started a new job when I went back to work after having him and even on my fist day I got a call from his nursery asking me to come and pick him up because he had a temperature.  Luckily I had a very understanding boss!

I reached desperation point when it was obvious that there was more to this than just a bacterial infection which could be ‘cured’ by antibiotics.  I went on a journey of discovery, understanding the immunity, what we could do to support him and build him up again so he wasn’t laid low all the time. This included leaving a nursery environment which he just could not cope with and moving to the most wonderful childminder.

I also discovered homeopathy, and hand on heart, this discovery changed my life, and his.  I am so grateful to the man who sat, and listened, didn’t just write me a prescription because that was all he could do, but supported my sons body, holistically.

I was training as a reflexologist at the time so I was open to all things holistic.  I saw my son gradually improve and, although he still had to have grommets put in to drain the excess fluid in his ears, he never had to have antibiotics again.

As a mum I felt like I had failed him, I still do sometimes but this challenge led me to be open to alternative medicine and has also led me to bring my children up to explore alternative ways of looking at things.

When I discovered these oils, it wasn’t that I fell in love with them because they smelt nice (they do by the way) I fell in love with them because they actually supported our bodies, both physically and emotionally.  A congested nose was eased with peppermint oil, a busy mind at night was calmed with a massage on the feet with serenity. I know that when I use these oils there are no hidden chemicals, no cheap products to bulk out the oil and lower the price.  These take centre stage in my medicine cabinet and give me the back up to be the mum I want to be, caring for my children in a healthy, holistic way.


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