Anyone for Chocolate?

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Anyone love the odd bar of Cadbury? Or maybe a box of chocolates is your thing?

We eat them, sometimes in one sitting…..and then feel tremendously guilty doing so, and sometimes even wish we hadn’t?

What if I told you that chocolate can actually be good for you, and benefit your health rather than leave you with a sugar high and a bit of an empty feeling inside?

But, here’s the thing, not in the way we currently consume it.

When I started supporting mine and my family’s physical, and emotional health using essential oils, it opened my mind to a whole new way of using them.

We use flavourings in our food and drink every single day, but what if using a food grade essential oil can actually be used in food to enhance our health, and well-being?

But how do we get the benefits internally?

One such way is using different oils in raw chocolate, not the Cadbury kind, but chocolate as it says on the tin, in it’s raw state.

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So, here is a bit more about the chocolate from Jo Keyes, a natural chef and owner of ‘Time to Nourish’ promoting the benefits of creating tasty and health recipes to support our physical and emotional well-being;

‘Raw chocolate is made with  raw cacao powder, raw cacao butter and coconut palm sugar.  Each of these ingredients bring there own health benefits.  Raw cacao powder is full of anti-oxidants which fight free radicals, protecting us from cell damage  and inflammation. These particular antioxidants and flavonoids are beneficial to healthy blood flow, lowering blood pressure and aiding normal blood clotting, as well as increasing blood flow to the brain. Who knew chocolate could be so beneficial to the body?

Raw cacao powder is made without roasting the beans (which happens with the chocolate we buy off the shelves). Ensuring that it retains more of its nutrients, including being high in iron, calcium and magnesium. These nutrients help to sustain our energy levels and protect our cells, nerves and muscle function.

The unrefined sweetener coconut palm sugar is beneficial due to the fibre inulin. This fibre helps to slow the absorption of the glucose which balances  blood sugar levels. Inulin also acts as a prebiotic so it is good for gut health to. As it is unrefined it has twice as many nutrients than regular sugar.

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Raw cacao butter is a good fat, rich in essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants . It helps maintain healthy skin, fight signs of aging and inflammation and supports the immune system.

And the really good bit……

Chocolate in it’s raw state is a good mood food chocolate simulates the neuro transmitters responsible for triggering emotions that make us alert focused and happy.

Raw chocolate is also dairy free benefiting those who have an intolerance to dairy products’

Combining this amazing food with pure, food grade essential oils further enhances it’s health benefits.

Wild Orange Essential Oil, for example, also contains powerful anti-oxidants, supporting a healthy immune system.

Or, maybe a lime and cardamon combo, lime again supporting immune function and antioxidant support. Cardamon supporting overall gastro-intestinal health, helping with stomach discomfort.

So, in short, every single ingredient in this chocolate is good for you.

Fancy that?

And, to add to this, it is so easy to make, with an abundance of recipes online.

So, next time you reach for that bar of chocolate from the fridge, consider the merit of choosing the chocolate which helps, rather than hinders your health.

Love Clare x


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Want to learn more?

Jo Keyes and I are running a Chocolate Making Workshop on Saturday 30th March from 10:30am-1:00pm, in Bourne End, Buckinghamshire (details to be sent upon booking).

Cost is £45 per person, which includes a practical, hands on class, learning more about how the oils combine with the chocolate in beneficial ways plus some to take home with you, flavours chosen by you and recipes to continue using at home.

This would make a lovely Mother’s Day gift, or a chance to head out with friends or family members and learn something together which supports our health and well-being.

Interested? Then email [email protected] to register and book on. Places are limited to ensure everyone gets the opportunity (and the time) to make their chocolate to take home.


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