Be Prepared, Not Scared…

These past few weeks with the children going back to school has been a rollercoaster

From concerns around the children’s return back at school, how they will manage to adapt to the changes, to relief that they are back there and the responsibilities of supervising home schooling have eased.

But the continued anxiety around our children, and ourselves, still looms over us due to the presence of Covid 19 and the constant dilemma of distinguishing between a normal back to school ‘cold’ and the need to test ourselves or our children.

It is not a fun place to be right now, and I for one have seen an increase in requests for support from adults and young people who are struggling with the uncertainty of it all.

So, what do we truly need to know about this situation to help support ourselves, and our children throughout the winter months ahead?

Our immune systems need exercising.

The fact that ourselves, and our children have had limited social contact for the past six months is something which should not be ignored.  Our immune system thrives on being exposed to a variety of bacteria to keep it functioning strong and well.  Did anyone else notice how quickly our children started to get sick following the return to school, and may have been more heavily affected than maybe the experience of a normal seasonal cold?  This is because our immune systems are just not running at an optimum level right now. It’s a bit like not driving a car for six months, and then getting in it to go somewhere and realising that the battery is flat as it has not been used to keep it well charged.

It is important that we focus on what we can control, rather than what we can’t.  

There is a lot of evidence out there which indicates that stress itself depletes the immune system, especially prolonged stress over a period of time. The uncertainty we are living with right now is not something we are used to, especially as we have no end in sight. Taking action to protect ourselves and our families by looking after our emotional and physical health and well-being is something we can all focus on, and control.  

If we take positive action to look after ourselves, eating well, getting more exercise, choosing some activities which give us a break and reduce our stress levels, then we benefit from the positive brain chemicals which help us to feel motivated, stronger and less anxious about all the other areas we cannot have a handle on right now. This positive action also has a real positive benefit for our children too, as they develop their own tools and coping strategies from observing you as their parents and caregivers.

Be Prepared – Not Scared

It might feel sometimes that we are like sitting ducks, waiting for the next round of measures to come along to ‘control’ the situation we are in right now. You may have friends and family with opposing opinions to you and have observed some difficult and sometimes unkind discussions going on via social media and out there in the community.  

Everyone is doing their absolute best but the anger and oppositional behaviour is likely to be down to fear. Fear for ourselves and our family, our loved ones and people we have not seen for months. I get that completely, I have had moments myself, but it is not healthy for us mentally to sit in this space of being scared and feeling powerless, and outwardly blaming others for the situation we are in.

So, give yourself a break, we are in a tough situation right now, and the way we can navigate through it is taking care of ourselves, our immediate environment and what we need to do to protect ourselves.  Part of this preparation is exploring ways we can support our physical and emotional health during the winter months.

I am offering a 5 day online program giving you the opportunity to learn more about natural solutions for not only supporting our immune system, but also helping calm that stress and anxiety we may be experiencing at times.

I would like to share with you ways I protect my own family as well as those around me, and reduce those anxious feelings by having some understanding about what we can do rather than waiting for something to happen, something which may never happen anyway.  That waiting however, and that uncertainty is not a great state to be in and fundamentally can have a longer term impact on us, and our families.

Taking control over something, and exploring different solutions can shift the way we think, and therefore the way we feel, and I would love you to join me from the 19th-23rd October.

The course includes a sample of essential oils to run alongside the support and guidance around how we can use these natural solutions to support our immune system. You can watch the content, which will be in a private Facebook Group, at your own pace, when you have time. The daily commitment will be no more than 20 minutes per day, with everything being kept short and manageable. 

You will have the chance to ask questions and I will take you through some techniques to help calm the mind as well as support your physical health.

At the end of this course you will have more of an understanding of how and what you can do during these testing times and how you can support your children too within the school environment.

Here are some other peoples feedback on completing this course;


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