It’s up to You

I don’t know about you but so much is changing and there are so many rules for each phase we reach that I often feel confused. Who am I allowed to see, where can we meet, what is safe to do and what am I now allowed to do, because it’s good for the economy and is it safe?

It all feels overwhelming.

Surely, we should be asking ourselves another question.

Not ‘is it the right time to ease the lockdown rules’, but ‘do I feel ready to get back to a new normal’?

Because lots of us just aren’t ready.

And if you’re not ready then you might feel that you’re being judged and questioned by those people who are desperate for the shops, pubs and parks to open.

I wanted to write this just to let you know that it’s OK to not be ready to head out into the world, but it’s also OK if you are ready.

There is no right or wrong answer. You need to do what’s right for you.

But, there is so much judgement out there. Whatever you do, there will be someone who thinks differently.

Some people will be ready to head back to everyday life and some people will still be worried and anxious and want to stay at home a bit longer.

What’s important is that people feel supported and able to do what feels right for them. That we accept that some people won’t be ready, some might be anxious and worried, some people will be scared about a second wave.

No one has all the answers and I think it’s at times like this that we have to listen to our instincts and trust our guts because deep down, only we know what’s right for us. So, while the Government and the news is telling you that the world is open for business (well, some of it anyway), it’s perfectly acceptable to say you’re not ready or only tentatively pop your head out of the door and see how you feel.

It’s up to you to choose when the time is right for you.

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