Distanced but not alone

What a month it’s been!  

I know that what’s happened so far and what is going to happen over the next few month’s is scary. It’s left many of anxious, overwhelmed, exhausted trying to find ways to change and transition every area of our lives.  

It’s everywhere, you can’t escape what’s going on and the only way to defeat it is to socially distance yourself from people and isolate yourself and your family.  

That isolation can be tough; it can cause fear to grow, make anxiety rise and strengthen our worries. We have little to distract us, the news is constantly on and social media is feeding those negative feelings.  

All of those worries and fears affect our stress levels and our stress levels lower our immune system, which none of us want.  

Make sure you are taking time out – a warm bath, breathing in your favourite calming oil, reading a book, watching something that makes you laugh, baking, dancing, building forts. Remember, you have more time but it’s important that you do things that make you smile and not just spend it watching the news and stressing about what’s happening.  

While it’s important to make sure you’re looking after yourself and your family, it’s also important to remember that while you are physically distanced we are all in this together and we are much stronger as a collective than we are alone.  

Now is the time to set up those online support groups, to take your business on line if you can, to send messages and letters to those around you, to phone the vulnerable and check they have all the need and to think about those around us who are in the most need.  

We can’t change what’s going on around us, although with time it will pass, but we can change how we respond to it, how we grow from it and what it teaches us.  

Remember though if you do feel alone don’t be afraid to reach out and tell someone you need some support.

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