Embracing the ‘Cycle’ of life

It’s Spring! Can you feel it in the air? Fingers crossed that it will be the end of storms and the start of blue skies, flowers popping up and leaves reappearing on the trees.

If you’re affected by the dark night’s and the cold weather, hopefully you will start to see a shift in your mood as the days get longer and the sun shines that bit brighter.

I love the different cycles we move through with each season and Spring is a great reminder of renewal, rebirth and fresh starts. We are taught to live in a very linear way; to push on, to move forwards and to excel at all cost, but what if we lived differently?

What if we lived in a more cyclic way? As women we experience a cycle each month; this cycle can bring with it pain, anger, emotions that feel out of control and overwhelm, but it often feels like that because we don’t understand it and we don’t work with it in our daily lives.

Our cycle is something that happens to us. Something that we have to get through, endure and put up with and our emotional response to that cycle is something those around us simply have to live with.

But what if it was different?

What if you could embrace that cycle, see it for what it was and live happily within it?

What if you understood that there were times in your cycle where you were energised and excited, like you feel in spring? What if you understood where there were times were you needed to retreat and not focus on anything that would take your energy, like the earth does in winter?

What if you felt connected with your feminine energy and understood how to allow it to support you rather than fighting against it?

Now, I know you might be think – WHAT? This is all a bit woo woo for me Clare. Should I buy a caldron and start chanting under a full moon? But, that’s not it at all. The earth goes through seasons and cycles and it makes sense that we do to.

We all go through this monthly cycle and so many of us struggle with it. Surely, it shouldn’t be this hard and it really shouldn’t be. When you understand how it works, how it affects you and how you can change how you move through your cycle, you can transform how you feel.

It’s not woo woo. I want you to understand the science and the theory behind it.

You don’t have to be a slave to your cycle or be overwhelmed by your emotions.

I will be sharing more about this over the next weeks and months because it’s something I am very passionate about it fits with my work with anxiety because your hormones and your cycle can have such an impact on your anxiety and helping one will help the other.

But, in the mean time if this has made you want to know more or your hormones are taking over and you don’t know what to try to help you take back control, why not come and join my week long spOIL Yourself course where we will be focusing on hormones, working with your cycle and woman’s health. It’s only £20, I will send you some oils to try at home to help in these areas and we will be working together in a private Facebook group where I will support you to get the best of out your oils.

If that’s something you’re interested in you can click here to join us.

Or if you have any questions about your hormones, working with your cycle or how your anxiety can be affected by what point in your cycle you are, then please get in touch at [email protected]

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