New Year – New You?

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New Year, New You?

If you are a social media browser, watch TV or even just listen to the radio, you cannot fail to have been bombarded by this message which seems to be on repeat everywhere you look this month.

The onset of a ‘new year’ means that we will all be becoming something different to what we were last year, whatever that was?

All of a sudden that magic weight will disappear, the arguments will cease and we will be that perfect person we aspire to be?

Who on earth is she?

And why do we have to wait for a ‘new year’ to make some changes or do something differently?

As a mum and business owner who also gorged herself silly over Christmas (cleverly disguised by wearing pyjamas for most of the festivities – got to love elastic) I did not fail to realise that I had put on a few pounds and had that lethargy of someone who had eaten chocolate for breakfast on several occasions.

So what?

I was then bombarded with the fitness revolution promising to shrink my body coupled with the business gurus promising to overhaul my business.

I don’t like these messages.

These message stress me out.


Because they are highlighting the negative, what is wrong with my body, my life and my business, not celebrating what is right with it.

It is insisting that there is an imperfection which needs correcting, something which needs changing, I need to be better, more successful, thinner, more attractive.

And this is the society we are living in.

Is it any wonder that us mums are fighting a losing battle every single day?

Too many things to be better at, too many things to do to achieve perfection in 2017.

It’s why resolutions often only last, at the longest, until the end of January, or in some cases, less than a day!

It is because we are not in the right state of mind, or body to embrace these changes, we are actually doing it for the wrong reasons.

Doing it because we feel guilty about eating too much, not doing enough, not being a ‘good enough’ person.

And we don’t make good or sustainable changes when we are in this state of mind.

We need to make decisions when we are not guilt tripped into them.

And that is why ‘New Year’ does not mean ‘New Start’ for me. It means carrying on ‘as I am’ doing what I need to do to be calm, stay relaxed and be the mum I want to be.

What does it mean for you?

Love Clare x


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