It’s not all about the chicken…..?

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Hey lovely mums,

Now there’s a question, and one I feel I need to answer, put it out there, be real and honest.

So, first and foremost, I am a mum, like you, and I have taken my learning, skills and expertise from my 11 year journey and brought it into my business along with my 10 years as a therapist.

I need ‘tools’ to work in my business, to ensure transformations for my clients and so that they they feel masses better at the end of our time together than when they started.

What are my ‘tools?

I use a technique called solution focused hypnotherapy to get my clients where they need to be. Most come to me feeling anxious, overwhelmed, worried and have no clue why they feel the way they feel. Others don’t come to me because they are scared of their feelings, and would prefer to ignore them and push on, until they can’t ‘push’ anymore.  I also see children who are feeling exactly the same, worrying about things and finding it affecting what they love to do.

So, when I tell people I am a hypnotherapist I am greeted by a myriad of different responses. I have had comments about swinging a pendulum to send people ‘under’, using ‘mind control’ and lots of other preconceived judgements which people have formed from what they have seen, read and heard.

What I will say to these people is – don’t knock it until you have tried it.

Blowing apart these ‘myths’ begins here!

I couldn’t control your mind even if I wanted to! Seriously, you have complete control. These fears (yes they are fears) are based on ‘stage hypnotists’ who have made their living using hypnotism for ‘entertainment’. Isn’t it just so funny to seen someone leaping across the stage quacking like a duck or clucking like a chicken? You do know that these people have chosen to behave like this? That they have actively agreed to be given these instructions, no-one can make anybody do anything you do not want to do.

Others tell me they can’t be ‘hypnotised’.  Alright then, no problem. Just by turning up you are facing the issue in your life that want to be better. It could be an emotional issue which is affecting you every day, like depression, anxiety or stress OR it could be something specific like a fear of flying, hating driving on motorways, exam stress or being crucified by nerves about standing up and talking in front of people.

The ‘hypnotism’ bit is only part of the journey.

Don’t let your own prejudgements about what something does or doesn’t do stop you from giving it a try. If we let other peoples opinions cloud our judgements we are being pulled down someone else’s path, not our own. YOU have the issue which you would like to address, YOU want to feel better, function better, enjoy your life without having these thoughts and emotions tripping you up in expected and unexpected ways.

Yes it takes a leap of faith and a dollop of trust in the person who is listening your fears and worries and taking care of them, it is not the magic pill which will make EVERYTHING okay (those pills don’t work by the way, not long term) but the difference, I can guarantee you, is PHENOMENAL.

So….how do I explain the process?

I get adults and children into a positive head space, understanding why they feel the way they do and giving them some valuable tools which they can use every day. I then guide them into a comfortable relaxation so we can take the time to reinforce those positive messages.

Seriously though, don’t just take it from me, take it from some of the people who have taken that leap of faith and worked with me.

I came to Clare for hypnotherapy to help with anxiety and feeling overwhelmed with all that was going on in my life. I did not want medication to treat my symptoms, because for me that would only be masking the problem, and being a busy mum I wanted to get a grip on my life again quickly. During the first consultation Clare explained how the brain functions and it completely made perfect sense to me. It was evident that my stress bucket was full and anxiety and panic attacks were consuming my life. Hypnotherapy with Clare has enabled me to manage my anxieties, and symptoms quickly reduced after a few sessions, and soon were no longer bothersome. During treatment Clare has also helped me reframe my long term fear of flying and I am now looking forward to my next flight, which is something I would never have said a month ago. Hypnotherapy has helped me enormously in more ways than I expected, and as this form of treatment can be used to help numerous conditions, if things go pear shaped for me in future I won’t hesitate to go back to Clare.

I DON’T make promises I can’t keep, it wouldn’t do my profession any good if I did.

Using hypnotherapy to address how you feel is a journey, you are not a passive recipient, you are part of it, and my ultimate goal is to empower you to make the changes you need to make, and feel awesome again.

Because how we feel affects every aspect of our life, what we do, how we relate to people, especially our family and what we take from every day. We want to attract into our life the good stuff, not the rubbish.

I believe that finding the right therapist is the first, most important step, so I offer a complimentary consultation to start us off and make sure you feel comfortable with me and what I do.  Get in touch here if you fancy that chat, it’s the most positive first step you can take, even if that is all you do.

That’s the first step, are you ready to take it?

Love Clare x


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