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Why Search Engines can be a blessing, and a curse, when pregnant.

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I see women at all stages of their pregnancy.  I had a client this week who had a planned induction in two days time and was anxious, scared and extremely stressed.  Apparently during an antenatal appointment a midwife had mentioned something innocuous in passing and my client had gone straight home and ‘googled it’.  This brought up a plethora of results which led her to feel more worried, more scared and thinking there was something wrong with her and her ability to give birth.

Here’s the thing – when you are pregnant, and particularly in the lead up to giving birth you become very receptive and highly emotional.  You know how the little things can really set you off?  So imagine being unleashed into the world of google, where you can get extreme answers to just about any question which can frankly, freak you out completely.  This panic can, believe it or not, make it less likely that you will go into labour naturally as you are producing stress hormones, including adrenalin which can inhibit your important labour hormones, including oxytocin.

These answers to your questions on google and other search engines are not about you.  They are not about your ability to give birth or your body.  They are information based articles designed to inform, not to be taken as a personal representation of your situation.

The pregnant lady came to me thinking that reflexology would do her no good because her body had this ‘issue’.  Once I explained what the term meant and that it was entirely unrelated to whether her body was working properly or not she relaxed, and by the end of the hour I had a blissed out expectant mum who had reduced her stress level and created the most optimal environment for her baby to be born naturally, and calmly.

Use search engines with caution 🙂

Clare x


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