Why sunglasses are an important addition to your hospital bag!

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Hi all,

2015-12-15 11.14.44I had the opportunity to meet my gorgeous new niece this week and have some much enjoyed baby cuddles 🙂 Meeting new babies is something I never tire of, it is, without doubt the best part of my job and I love it.

While teaching a couple this week we had a chat about what would help them during labour with the transition from home to hospital and they laughed out loud when I suggested sunglasses! Why, I hear you ask?  If you are in labour and you are focused on feeling relaxed and calm, the best way to do this is in a calm, quiet, environment which has low lighting so you feel safe and secure, which in turn leads to higher levels of oxytocin, the hormone you want to produce when in labour.  You can easily create that environment at home but it becomes more challenging when you choose to leave that safe space and transition to hospital.

So where do the sunglasses come in?

Imagine the hospital environment, bright, strip lighting which can be harsh at the best of times.  Going into that well lit space can startle your body and your mind and, believe it or not, in some cases, slow down your labour.  The sunglasses reduce the glare of the lights and help you stay focused, and calm in your safe secure space as you get settled into your room wherever you have chosen to give birth.

The simplest things can often be the most effective, and who cares what people think if it helps your labour progress and you to feel relaxed and calm J

Clare x


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