I am a hypnotherapist, based in Marlow who works with adults and teenagers, specialising in teenage mental health.

I offer tools and strategies using hypnotherapy and Doterra essential oils through face to face and online sessions

Hi, I’m Clare and welcome to Creating Calm.

I guess you’ve found your way here because you, or someone you care about is struggling with anxiety.  Firstly, I want you to know that you’re in the right place. I know that when you are overwhelmed with these feelings, thoughts and fears, believing that you can overcome them or break free from them seems impossible, but I want you to know that there is a way.

I could tell you all about the training I have been through or the qualifications I have, but what you really want to know is if it is possible to live in a world without anxiety taking over, and it is. I help adults and teenagers learn to understand and work through their feelings.

Support For Parents

I’ve been working with anxiety clients for a long time and I know that your anxiety can feel like it’s taken over and as if you’ll never be free from it. I want to work with you to change all that, improve confidence, self esteem and ability to manage all the changes which can happen in everyday life.

Support for Teenagers

I can work with just you, just your teenager or both of you together, whichever you feel works best. My sessions with you are an hour long and designed to introduce some long lasting tools and techniques to address the issues which you or your teen may be facing so they can be applied in everyday life.


If you’re looking for help with something that isn’t anxiety, but you’re wondering if hypnotherapy can help you, then I may be able to help and offer guidance on ways to deal with these concerns through this therapy.

EssentOil Education

For 2020 I have launched my ‘EssentOIL Education’ programme, ideal for those who are new to essential oils or for those who already use them but are keen to find out more about how they can benefit them.

My Story

I have been a therapist for 11 years, as long as I have been a mum. And in my time as a therapist I have learnt, used and understood more and more about the benefits of essential oils.

I first discovered them when I was pregnant with my first son, when a midwife recommended using them to help heal after birth.

I then chose to use natural products rather than chemical laden ones with my boys, especially after my oldest had repeated ear infections and in desperation I went looking for natural solutions.

I have literally spent years trying, and discarding oils, oils which promised that they were natural and pure, but just didn’t resonate with me.

I often try to share useful insights and educational tit-bits from the world of therapy. Whether it is understanding your feelings, or those of your child, or guidance on how you might cope yourself with the challenges you are facing, there are a wide range of articles here for you to explore.

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